'The White House Games' Gets Some Serious Buzz

HINESVILLE, Ga., Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Say Dozeman, author of the political adventure fiction e-novel The White House Games, has partnered with Libboo.com, a digital platform for publishing and selling e-books, to introduce readers to a new way of finding books that they will love.

Libboo.com included Dozeman's novel in the company's first book collection released in their September 24 pilot program. The idea behind the Libboo platform is making "buzzers" (influencers who are passionate about books) aware of new books that match their preferences and enabling them to share their discoveries with friends and online followers. Dr. Chris Howard, CEO of Libboo.com, and Dr. Fernando Albertorio, head of the company's data services, developed a patented "buzz and influence" computer algorithm to discover and promote noteworthy books. "This way, the platform helps readers find more of what they love and helps new authors find an appreciative audience," explained Dozeman.

Set in the near future, Dozeman's novel features a group of ex-Navy SEALs who take matters into their own hands in order to change the direction of American politics. Taking a leaf from the Arab Spring movement of 2011, the SEALs embark on a once-in-a-lifetime mission. Using cyberwarfare technology and social media power, they launch a battle against the powers-that-be in a high-stakes game to create America 2.0. "I call the novel a combination of The Hunger Games, Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice," said Dozeman.

Among the Libboo users who have buzzed about The White House Games is the head of a book review publication, radio show and bookselling organization. In addition, since Libboo picked up The White House Games, the novel has been receiving attention from publishing companies in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and other areas.

"I'm thrilled to have had my book selected for the pilot of this new publishing paradigm," said Dozeman. "Libboo accepts only the books they love. Many of their selections present some form of revolutionary idea or a fresh perspective on an old idea."

About Say Dozeman

Say Dozeman is a writer, board-certified American psychiatrist and martial arts instructor. His other books include Born Wild and Prepare for War.

Dozeman is the founder and CEO of psychiatric practice American Brain, LLC and received America's Top Psychiatrists awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He is also the founder and CEO of book incubator HellRaiser Enterprises, LLC, interactive game developer Nuclear Power Play and Art of War Dojo.

Dozeman has studied several styles of martial arts since 1972 and has won the Grand Championship Belt in the U.S. Open National Karate & Kung Fu Union Championships. He currently teaches Goju Karate under the direction of Hanshi Sinclair Thorne.

About Libboo.com

Libboo is a platform that connects buzzers (readers who love to share and talk about books) with books they'll enjoy, to create the next digital bestseller and help talented authors get discovered. Buzzers get rewards such as free e-books and increase their influence by sharing great writing with their friends and followers via social media, email, and other online channels.


Say Dozeman, M.D.

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