Blue Moon Over New Orleans -- An alluring romantic thriller

CARRIERE, Miss., Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Moon Over New Orleans by Anna Mayhall Munding, is a distinct and engaging tale of romance and suspense. New Orleanian Jack Landing meets the love of his life in post WWII Paris. Then she mysteriously disappears. And he is thrust into a world of intrigue.

Not just another thriller novel, it is also a polished heartfelt love story set in old New Orleans and around the world. Moreover, woven into the plot, is a vivid portrayal of a classic New Orleans society family. Convoluted twists and turns, visceral yearnings, genuine romance, and espionage will entice the reader. It is a character driven quest for love.

"Ms. Munding develops rich characters, excellent plotting, and actual references to New Orleans' unique culture and physical locations," wrote SuSu, who gave it a five star review on Amazon. Others have described it as "characters come alive," "reviving New Orleans' memories," "lots of emotional ups and downs, a wonderful read." One British reviewer described it as "exciting, see it as a film."

Anna Mayhall Munding, with a B.A. in English from the University of New Orleans, has in the past worked in Houston and Oklahoma as a writer for magazines and newspapers, and The British Consulate. Additionally, she has written numerous short stories, plays, poems, and scripts. She currently resides in Mississippi near the Gulf Coast.

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