Castrol® EDGE® Uses New Digital Campaign To Declare Superiority

WAYNE, N.J., Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The makers of Castrol® EDGE®, the official motor oil sponsor of the NFL, have launched a new marketing campaign to celebrate and promote recent test findings that may change the way consumers view synthetic motor oils; the campaign is aptly named "We Won." With the enthusiasm of a football team that has just won the Super Bowl, the effort proudly touts research findings that show Castrol® EDGE® with SYNTEC® Power Technology is proven stronger than the leading synthetic motor oil.*

The campaign features various digital assets found in and around NFL and Castrol web properties. The cornerstone of the program are online videos that mimic "post-game" interviews and celebrations with Castrol EDGE engineers, showcasing highlight footage from Castrol's extreme test of motor oil strength.

While the campaign depicts the celebration of the Castrol team's findings in a playful manner, the oil test itself is anything but fun. The gruelling test measures oil strength when an engine is running at absolute maximum torque, corresponding to maximum acceleration on the road. When an engine is at maximum torque, it is running at its highest pressure. Only the very strongest oil will survive the longest in the test. It's now clear, Castrol® EDGE® with SYNTEC® Power Technology is stronger than the leading synthetic.

"With today's engines running hotter and operating at higher pressure, it is even more critical to use a strong motor oil that is able to protect and perform under such tough conditions," stated Maria Veronica Mendoza, Castrol EDGE Brand Manager. "By leveraging our NFL sponsorship in a fun way, we hope this campaign engages our consumers and shows them just how passionate we here at Castrol are at developing superior motor oils, like Castrol EDGE."

The Castrol EDGE online video can be viewed at

*Castrol® EDGE® with SYNTEC® Power Technology 5W-30 was proven stronger based on Castrol's extreme test of maximum torque, strength and endurance versus Mobil 1TM 5W-30.*

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