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Valley Verde Plants Its First Gardens For Low-Income Families In Gilroy, Giving Them Access To Their Own Organic, Healthy Vegetables

Non-Profit Teaches Low-Income Families Who Have Been Priced Out of a Healthy Diet Learn to Grow Organic Vegetables at Home

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Valley Verde, a non-profit organization that helps people plant, eat and share healthy vegetables, today announced that it has begun planting winter vegetable gardens for  low-income families in Gilroy, California. The non-profit just kicked-off its one-year program in the city of Gilroy to provide these families with the tools, resources and instruction to grow their own gardens.  The non-profit currently serves families in Santa Clara County.

The families will receive 1 or 2 4x8 feet raised bed gardens, according to space and family size.  Valley Verde will also provide an irrigation system, 5 classes (3 gardening, 2 nutrition classes), seeds and seedlings for 3 plantings (Fall, Spring, Fall), and a gardening mentor who will give gardening support for 1 year.  The goal of the one year program is to empower the families with the vegetable gardening knowledge to continue their own gardens.  Families who wish to share their knowledge can participate in a future Valley Verde project to help other families learn the same valuable skills.  Valley Verde estimates that a family can save between $500 and $700 on vegetables each year by having their own garden.

Many low-income residents have been priced out of a healthy diet because of the high cost of fresh vegetables.  Valley Verde aims to improve the wellness of thousands by teaching them to plant, grow and harvest personal vegetable gardens.  Free of charge, the organization provides low income families with gardening and nutrition classes and all the materials needed to grow organic vegetables. 

Demand for the gardens is growing quickly, so the organization has started selling garden installations and maintenance services as well as "do-it-yourself" kits to general residents of Santa Clara County who would like to start a garden.  Profits will support and expand the free services offered to the low-income community. 

"Gilroy's climate and soil is well-suited for personal gardens," said Raul Lozano, founder of Valley Verde.  "People just need the know-how so they can create their own gardens. We are delighted to begin our one-year program in Gilroy and help all families, regardless of income, get access to healthy, organic vegetables."

The Fall planting will include vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, peas, lettuce, onions, cilantro, beets, radishes and spinach.  SummerWinds Nursery has generously donated or provided at reduced cost the seeds, seedlings and materials needed to build the gardens.

Pricing and Availability

Gardening classes and materials are available at no charge to qualified low-income families.  Valley Verde is at capacity for this year's program, but will be taking applicants for next-year's program at

For others who are interested in purchasing a personal garden to support low-income families, Valley Verde offers a variety of garden installation and maintenance services.  Pricing ranges between $120.00 and $450.00.  Visit for full pricing information.

Lean more about Valley Verde's services, products or make a donation at or call (408) 666-4794.  Corporations interested in creating employee wellness should email

About Valley Verde

Originally founded in 2009, Valley Verde is established as an autonomous 501(c)3 organization.  Valley Verde provides low income families with the knowledge and tools needed to grow and maintain their own organic vegetable gardens.  The organization also sells gardening services and kits to individuals, families and corporations.  All proceeds from sales go to creating healthy, organic vegetable gardens for families in need.  Valley Verde is located in San Jose, California and serves the greater Santa Clara County and Silicon Valley area.

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