Russia sees strong demand for 10yr OFZ bonds

MOSCOW, Oct 10 (Reuters) - The Russian Finance Ministry sold 34.2 billion roubles ($1,1 billion) of 10-year OFZ treasury bonds

at auction on Wednesday at an average yield of 7.79 percent, with no premium to the secondary market.

The average yield at the auction was at the lower end of initial guidance of 7.78-7.83 percent. Bids up to the cut-off yield totalled 47.6 billion roubles.

Russia's Finance Ministry plans to auction 335 billion roubles ($10.7 billion) in OFZ treasury bonds during the fourth quarter of 2012.

Following are details of the auction, taken from Reuters Xtra and provided by the Finance Ministry on its Web site ( ): Maturity date 22 Jul 2012 Issue volume 35.0 bln rbls Bids (to cut-off yld) 47.6 bln rbls Issue (alloted) 34.2 bln rbls Issue (funds raised) 34.6 bln rbls Cut-off price 99.4500 Average price 99.6940 Cut-off yield 7.83 Average yield 7.79 (Reporting by Maya Dyakina)


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