Swedish c.bank sees questions around EU bank union plans

STOCKHOLM, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Sweden's central bank has a lot of questions about plans for a European Union bank union, which includes a single supervisory body, a central bank official said on Wednesday.

Comments from First Deputy Central Bank Governor Kerstin af Jochnick showed the bank lining up with the government, which has criticised the EU bank union proposals.

"We understand that one must strengthen the euro zone, but from our point of view there are quite a lot of questions which come up," she told reporters. She said the central bank and government were looking at the issue.

Af Jochnick also said the central bank expected the crown to remain at stronger levels this year and next, but did not say what value the currency should have.

(Reporting by Daniel Dickson, writing by Patrick Lannin, editing by Anna Ringstrom)

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