Dennis Gartman: Own Gold in Yen

A signal from the Federal Reserve could be bearish for gold in U.S. dollar terms, Dennis Gartman, editor of The Gartman Letter, said Monday on CNBC.

"I'm still a monetarist. I still look at the adjusted base, and the base has not grown at all over the course of the past 14 months," he said on "Fast Money." "It may start again, but it hasn't been for the last 14 months. And therein takes the case for gold in dollar terms away."

Gartman called comments in the FOMC meeting minutes – which raised questions about monetary policy – "extraordinary."

"We are simply not creating the dollars that everybody thought we should be, and gold in dollar terms has been weak," he said. "Gold in yen terms, however, is only a couple of pennies away from its all-time high, a completely different story."

Gartman said he would look to materials.

"What I'd really like to own is steel," he said, adding that iron ore was another attractive play. "I want to own simple things, the simple things that are incumbent on global economic growth."

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