SAP's Move to Reinvent Real-Time Enterprise

The software maker SAP is upping its game against competitors by giving its customers access to real-time data.

SAP announced Thursday that it will run its Business Suite on its HANA databases, which will allow for businesses to have access to analysis of transactional data in real-time. The move also gives SAP an edge over its big competitors, IBM and Oracle.

"We have a tremendous opportunity to business processes significantly, this will be attractive to the existing customer base and it will be very attractive to new customers," said Hasso Plattner, co-founder and chairman of SAP and former CEO, Thursday on CNBC's "Street Signs."

Plattner said that its Business Suite will also continue to run on other databases.

"HANA will be everywhere under all SAP products, but we also go forward in a non-disruptive mode so the customer has choice," Plattner said.