Cramer: This New Trend Multi-Year Game Changer

All week Jim Cramer has been identifying themes that he thinks could propel gains for the long-term.

By themes Cramer means ideas that should dominate sentiment and trends for a period of time. If correct, the stocks of companies that benefit from those themes should go higher.

And another theme that Cramer likes for 2013 is the revolution in energy that's underway.

"We have so much oil and gas in this country," insisted an animated Jim Cramer, "particularly natural gas." Cramer is convinced the ability of the US to fulfill more of its energy needs will be a multi-year game changer.

How we can make money this theme? Who are the principal winners?

Don’t Bolt from This Market: Cramer

Cramer thinks it will be chemical companies and plastic makers because they are the beneficiaries of the remarkably low cost.

"I think the best bets are Dow Chemical, PPG, Westlake, Eastman Chemical and Lyondell-Basell," he said.

"Now, at this moment only Dow's really done much to capitalize off of our cheap energy. It's almost as if most of the other companies don't really believe that natural gas is going to stay as low as it is. But I believe that 2013 will be the year that chemical companies start building the plants needed to take advantage of the inexpensive feed stock," he said.

If you're looking for another idea, Cramer said to consider Georgia Gulf which hit its 52 week high on Thursday.

"It makes polyvinyl chloride, PVC, which is used in everything from piping to window frames to faux wood. Normally I don't like the commodity players, I prefer proprietary plays, like PPG that have terrific worldwide growth because they offer chemical compounds that are unique and can't be copied."

Georgia Gulf's the opposite.

"It is a sink or swim chemical company that explodes higher when its end markets are good and gets crushed when its end markets are bad. But Georgia Gulf did something rather amazing, it doubled down on commodity chemicals by buying PPG's commodity business, a deal I say is good for everyone concerned."

"Now I don't expect to stay forever in Georgia Gulf. But for 2013? It could be the best in the group," said Cramer.

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Want more plays?

"I still like the refiners, HollyFrontier, Valero, and Phillips 66," said Cramer. "

And the Mad Money host added Cheniere Energy and its companion, Cheniere Energy Partners are also worth a look – but don't pull the trigger on these just yet.

"You know these, the operating company and the master limited partnership that are run by frequent guest Charif Souki . He's the pioneer who building our nation's biggest export terminal for liquefied natural gas. Look out, these two stocks are hot, too hot for me. Wait for a pullback from LNG or a stock offering from Cheniere Energy Partners and then pounce."

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