Microsoft: What to Do with Tech Heavyweight?

If you've been holding Microsoft for the past 3 months, you may as well have kept that money under your mattress.

Over the past 90 days or so the stock has moved about 0%. Over the same period the S&P had advanced about 5%. Apple however had declined 25%.

What should you do with this tech heavyweight?

Top trade Stephanie Link, director of research at TheStreet, is bullish.

She thinks at 8.8 times earnings Microsoft is a value. "It's just a cheap stock," she said.

Link sees plenty of catalysts to drive gains. "They have a strong enterprise business and they're making aggressive moves in entertainment," she said. Also the company has done a great job of returning cash to shareholders.

Although there are broad concerns about the PC product cycle, Link believes that's already baked in.

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Trader Jon Najarian, co-founder of OptionMonster is equally enthusiastic. He believes Microsoft has upside if only for their mobile strategy. "They're going the right way," he said on Halftime. "I like it."

Microsoft unveils its new logo.
Source: Microsoft
Microsoft unveils its new logo.

Trader Stephen Weiss, managing partner at Short Hills Capital, just can't get on board.

He concedes that Microsoft is a safe stock and it generates a decent yield, but ultimately he thinks there are better places to put money to work. "In tech, I want growth.

I'd rather play a stock that's more expensive but is a better growth story," he said

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