Sex or Sleep? You Gotta Ask the Question

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After a day at the office, what are you most looking forward to? A hard day's night, or a good night's sleep?

Americans work hard, but maybe we don't have the energy left to play hard. (C'mon we're all adults here.)

Earlier this month Furniture Today pointed out a survey by the Sleep Council which said people prefer sleep over sex by a 3-2 margin (61 percent versus 39 percent). "It has been said that sleep is the new sex," claims the trade publication. "Sleep is such a precious commodity that it's even more highly valued than sex."

Think pillow talk without much talk.

Women prefer sleep to sex more than men--79 percent of women versus 42 percent of men (wait, that means only 58 percent of men prefer sex to sleep?).

The proof may be in the bottom line. Temper-pedic reported better than expected earnings this week, sending shares higher, while Select Comfort disappointed. An article last year inBarron's suggested that Temper-pedic beds, which mold themselves to the body, are not very conducive to anything other than, you know, sleeping.

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Furniture Today suggests retailers keep that in mind. "Some bedding veterans don't believe that sex should be discussed on the sales floor...sales associates should talk about how a new mattress delivers a better night of sleep. That's what most consumers want."

Well, hold on a second.

Sealy raised a few eyebrows with a very sexy commercial called "Afterglow." In the commercial, couples clearly don't have sleep on their minds, and they have the mattress springs to support it.

However, in a very clever move by Sealy, the "encounters" are staged to look like they happened in the morning...after a good night's sleep. It's the best of both worlds. And perhaps that is why Sealy's stock has soundly outperformed both Temper-pedic and Select Comfort over the last year.

Sweet dreams.

—By CNBC's Jane Wells; Follow her on Twitter: @janewells