Gartman: Expect More Growth in Europe

European banks are looking increasingly attractive, Dennis Gartman, editor of The Gartman Letter, said Monday on CNBC.

On "Fast Money," Gartman looked at the strong performance of the recent Spanish bond auction.

"They had a great auction last week, six-month and three-month bills in Spain went very, very well," he said. "The yield curve got more positively sloped, probably going to get more positively sloped."

Gartman said he liked what was going on in Italy and the rest of the G-7 countries.

"As I like to say, 'Positive slopes to yield curves make geniuses out of otherwise banking idiots.' It's a lovely thing to be able to borrow short and lend long, and they're being able to do that now," he added.

Gartman said he no longer thinks Europe is going to "hell in a handbasket."

Although financial stocks in Europe such as Deutsche Bank, Bilbao Vizcaya, Credit Suisse and Banco Santander posted losses for the day, Gartman said that he wouldn't bet against them for the longer-term.

"Because things are going to be better two years from now, three years from now, five years from now than they are now," he said. "Everybody wants to make the bet that the world is coming to an end. Those who have made that bet for the last 150, 200, 500, 800 years have made a bad bet."

Adding a caveat, Gartman added, "Can things go pear-shaped in the course of the next two or three months? Of course. But we thought they were going to go pear-shaped two years ago, and they haven't done that yet."

Gartman admitted that he wasn't a buyer, however.

"I would rather be a buyer of their banks than a seller of their banks, no ifs, ands or buts," he said. "Am I buying them? No, but if you made me do something, that's what I would do."

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