Be Posh for $20: US Airways Expands DineFresh Premium Meals in Coach

US Airways DineFresh Deluxe Coach Meal
Source: US Airways
US Airways DineFresh Deluxe Coach Meal

Yes, you really can enjoy a decent airline meal when flying economy-class. But it'll cost you $20.

US Airways on Monday expanded its DineFresh menu options that give coach travelers an option to pre-reserve one of four first-class-like meals.

The DineFresh program was launched last August and gives coach passengers traveling internationally the option to purchase a premium meal, a first for any U.S. airline. (Read more: Eat Like You're Rich: US Airways Offers Deluxe Meals in Coach)

The two new DineFresh options consist of chilled sliced Asian beef with noodles accompanied by summer rolls with ginger sesame dressing, cucumber and shrimp salad, lavosh crackers and creme brulee cheesecake for dessert, or a charcuterie meal that includes an assortment of cured meats and cheeses, lavosh crackers, Mediterranean salad, and turtle cheesecake for dessert.

The other selections are orzo pasta with Portobello mushrooms and tomatoes, served with assorted cheeses, lavosh crackers, tomato and jicama salad, and a raspberry swirl cheesecake dessert, or chilled sliced Asian chicken with noodles paired with summer rolls and ginger sesame dressing, cucumber and shrimp salad, lavosh crackers and creme brulee cheesecake for dessert. (Read more: Would You Pay $20 for a First-Class Meal in Coach?)

And all choices come with a complimentary mini-bottle of wine.

The premium options are priced at $19.99 and must be reserved at least 24-hours in advance of eligible international flights to Europe, the Middle East and South America. DineFresh meals are in addition to the airline's current complimentary meal offerings in economy class on international flights.

If a flight you've booked offers the upgraded meals, US Airways will send an email noting the availability and link you to the order page on their website.

So the question is... would you pay $20 for a premium meal in coach or just stick with the complimentary meal offered?