No Comments?! We're Trying to Fix That. Honest.

UPDATE: The comments are fixed! Everyone enjoy, especially you, Mr. Clumpus. We appreciate your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.


Dear Readers:

We've gotten a fair amount of email lately asking us what the heck we did with the comments section on our stories.

Olaf Loose | E+ | Getty Images

For you conspiracy theory types, here's the answer: We got tired of your vitriol. So we turned them off.

Just kidding. Really.

Here's the reason: We've run into some technical issues with some recent site expansions and upgrades. We're working to fix them, but it's not as easy as we hoped. Nevertheless, we're endeavoring to persevere (hat tip to Chief Dan George in "The Outlaw Josey Wales") and hope to have the comments up and running again soon.

Because, yes, despite the sometimes negative tone — I'm talking about you, Mr. Clumpus — we value our reader comments and want to give readers a forum for discussion about the wide variety of topics we cover on the site. There are often good thoughts in there and pretty insightful analysis. Heck, they are our virtual weather vane for investor sentiment and a great mine for story ideas.

So we're making the digital elves work as hard as they can to get the comments section back up and running. We hope you'll bear with us.

And for those commenters who think this all part of some Big Media plot...well, I can't answer that....I have to go to a Cabal meeting.