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04/02/2013: The Car Chasers #5
Jeff, Meg and Perry head to Vegas for SEMA - the world's largest automotive trade show. While there, they roll the dice on a pristine '65 Malibu with a six figure asking price and two sweet hot rods - a 51 Ford Shoebox and a 53 Mercury featured on the cover of Hot Rod magazine. Later, they scour the famous Long Beach swap meet for deals and Jeff gets worked up over an amazing '71 Chevy "Franken-truck." Back in Lubbock, Meg sets up a pin up girl photo shoot to market some hot cars and enlists Eric to help. And when Jeff's plan to wow a deep-pocketed European buyer backfires, he has to act fast or risk losing a stack of cash.

04/09/2013: The Car Chasers #6
On a quest for classic cars to add to their inventory, Jeff and Perry explore a treasure-laden "man cave" hidden in an airport hangar. They salivate over a '65 Shelby Cobra, an authentic World War II era military jeep sporting a 50 caliber machine gun, and a vintage jet fighter ejection seat, but the eccentric hoarder who owns the collection may send them home empty handed. Then, the team searches high and low for a piece of American muscle to impress a big customer who's bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cars from them in the past, but Jeff's dad Roundman throws a monkey wrench into the works as he tries to outbid his son for a valuable Boss Mustang on the auction block.

04/16/2013: The Car Chasers #7
With a huge auto auction looming, it's all hands on deck at Flat 12, as the team races to ready as much inventory as possible for the block. While Perry and Eric trick out a classic '31 Hot Rod, Meg and Jeff devise a plan to give a big boost to the value of their '53 Merc. But transmission problems threaten to hobble the hot rod and a catastrophe at the paint shop could dash their dreams of a big payday on the Merc. Plans to sell a '92 Ferrari, a late model Porsche Carrera and other hot ticket items also hit the skids – literally – when a freak blizzard comes between them and the auction. Will the team return to Lubbock with a fistful of dollars, or a trailer full of unsold cars?

04/23/2013: The Car Chasers #8
Jeff and Meg consider setting up shop in Southern California to tackle a bigger marketplace and take Flat 12 to the next level. They embark on a recon mission to Los Angeles, where they check out potential locations for a new shop. Jeff tries to make the trip pay for itself, taking aim at a Porsche Speedster, a mint Ferrari 360 Spyder and a gorgeous Lamborghini Countach, but risks losing six-figures when he discovers that not everything is what it seems. Will the team's scouting mission sell them on a life-changing move, or will their ties to home prove too strong to break?

About "The Car Chasers":

Jeff Allen and Perry Barndt are gamblers…their game, classic and exotic cars. They travel the country looking to buy and sell cars. Whether it's a rare Shelby Mustang or a vintage hot rod, the key is buy low and sell high, something that doesn't always happen. Selling cars is a dangerous business…but perhaps there's no greater danger than negotiating with your own dad. Tom Souter, Jeff's dad, runs a classic car dealership right around the corner from Jeff's shop in Lubbock, Texas. They are not just regular trading partners; they are trading partners hell-bent on one-upmanship. Tom says doing a deal with his son is like being locked in a closet with a porcupine, "it's gonna hurt but you know it won't kill you."

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