Fast Money Madness: Round 1 Continued

In the second half of "Fast Money Madness" Round 1 on Wednesday, traders Guy Adami, JJ Kinahan, Brian Kelly and Tim Seymour faced off on two more match-ups, with "Fast Money" Twitter followers providing another tiebreaker.

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No. 15 AIG vs. No. 2 Goldman Sachs

Adami reiterated that it wasn't about past performance. "It's all about what has potential in terms of the stock," he said, picking 15th-seeded AIG and adding, "The stock's got some mojo.

Kinahan didn't buy it.

"Just like any big game, you don't fade the champion," he said. "I've got to think Goldman Sachs all the way."

Seymour made it another backer of No. 2 seed Goldman Sachs.

"AIG I could never vote for after what they did to us in 2008 and into the crisis. Sorry, it's personal," he said. "These guys were way taken over their skis in terms of taking risks, and it's tough to forgive that."

By contrast, Goldman Sachs was seeing a return to investment banking and its stock wasn't expensive on a price-to-book basis, Seymour added.

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Kelly tied it up by selecting AIG.

"Yes, we've already bailed out AIG. Do you think they're going to let that company go down again? Absolutely not," he said. "Goldman Sachs, nobody likes them anymore. Their business is being destroyed, whittled away.

"I say AIG goes through on this round."

The 2-2 tie sent the tiebreaking vote to the "Fast Money" Twitter followers.

Their pick: Goldman Sachs.

No. 8 Valero and No. 9 Transocean

Adami liked eighth-seeded Valero.

"Valero's had the run," said Adami, apparently diverging from his earlier thesis. "That space seems mired in the mud. I think there's still some upside."

Kinahan went the other way with Transocean.

"It just seems to me that Transocean can come through on this one," he said.

(See the complete "Fast Money Madness" Bracket.)

Seymour saw too many potential headwinds for Valero, from Deepwater Horizon and Carl Icahn.

"The pressure on this company to pay a big div means you've got a catalyst to the stock. Valero's had its catalyst in the rear-view mirror," he said. "You kidding me? Here we go RIG."

Kelly averted another tie, selecting RIG.

"Valero, I think there are some headwinds in the gasoline space, the refiner space, so I'd sell that one," he said.

The "Fast Money" Twitter crowd sided with Valero.

Transocean moves ahead.

In other match-ups, financials Bank of America, Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Visaand Citigroup all moved ahead to the next round.

The following industrial stocks survived to fight another day: United Technologies, Caterpillar, General Electric, Deere, Exxon Mobil, DuPont and Honeywell.

Trader disclosure: On March 20, 2013, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC's "Fast Money" were owned by the "Fast Money" traders: Guy Adami is long C; Guy Adami is long GS; Guy Adami is long INTC; Guy Adami is long AGU; Guy Adami is long MSFT; Guy Adami is long NUE; Guy Adami is long BTU; Tim Seymour is long AAPL; Tim Seymour is long BAC; Tim Seymour is long SBUX; Tim Seymour is long MSFT; Brian Kelly is long S&P ; Brian Kelly is long GOLD; Brian Kelly is long SILVER; Brian Kelly is long TREASURIES; Brian Kelly is short Copper; Brian Kelly is short Oil; JJ Kinahan is long AAPL; JJ Kinahan is long BAC; JJ Kinahan is short GS puts; JJ Kinahan is short WFC puts; JJ Kinahan is long CSCO; JJ Kinahan is short FB Calls; JJ Kinahan is long MSFT.