‘Just Buy Health Care’: Chris Verrone

Don't hate on the market because winning sectors are traditionally defensive plays, Chris Verrone of Strategas said Thursday.

"What really strikes me is that the rally in the broader market is being discounted because health care is leading," he said. "So, just buy health care."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Verrone said that historical stock performance shows that strength in defensive sectors can lead the market higher.

"What really strikes me is, coming off the August '82 lows, as the market was breaking out in August '82, for the next six, seven years, your leadership was consumer staples," he said. "So this entire bull market, even up through the '90s, staples were leading, health care was leading."

Verrone used Johnson & Johnson as an example of a safety stock that shows strength.

"JNJ was trying to get through $70, $75 for about 13 years. It's $82 right now," he said. "When the stock broke out in 1995, it went up for 15 of the next 19 quarters, he said. "We think this is a similar break out, and we're seeing it all across health care — Bristol-Myers, JNJ, Pfizer. We like the space here."

Another stock called out for a potential breakout was Boston Scientific, which Verrone said was poised to climb toward $10 per share.

"So I don't necessarily buy the argument that health care or staples is bad leadership," he said. "I would say just buy health care or staples."

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