Apple’s ‘Show Me the Money’ Moment: Pro

Apple's to-do list includes returning more cash to shareholders, introducing a five-inch screen and creating a low-cost phone, Brian Marshall of ISI Group said Wednesday.

However, there's no telling when Apple might increase its dividend.

"If you were to have asked me the same question 30 days ago, I would've said a month," he said. "I'm not sure what the roadblocks are. I don't think there are any."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Marshall said that Apple also needed to introduce a larger iPhone display to compete with features from competitors such as Google and Samsung.

"When we were at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a couple of months ago, every major high-end smartphone was a five-inch phone," he said. "I think people feel that four inches is now too small, and most people are migrating to five inches."

Apple, Marshall added, would have to act quickly.

"I think they have to migrate to the five-inch screen this summer," he said. "I don't think anybody else thinks that's going to happen. If that's going to happen, we have to hear about it from the supply chain within the next 30 days."

If it doesn't happen, Apple stands to lose market share, said Marshall, who has a $600 price target on Apple shares along with a "buy" rating.

Anything should of a completely new iPhone would be seen as a "disappointment," he added.

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