Lightning Round: Boeing, Disney & More

Are you ready skeedaddy???!!! It's time for the Lightning Round. Cramer makes the call on viewer favorites.

Boeing (BA): I think the stock has more upside, said Cramer. I think it could go to $100

Disney (DIS): The stock looks like it could slide, said Cramer. If it pulls back to $60 I'm a buyer.

Exxon (XOM): I didn't like the quarter, said Cramer. I'm a seller. You can probably get better growth from Noble.

Lions Gate (LGF): I like the studio, said Cramer, but there's just too much uncertainty. Their fortunes are tied to the success of the next Hunger Games film. I'd rather play media with Disney.

Beazer (BZH): I don't like this stock, said Cramer. I'd much rather be in Toll Brothers.

3D Systems (DDD): It's a spec stock, said Cramer, but for me it's too risky.

Ford (F): This stock has a lot of exposure to Europe but when the smoke clears I think this stock is a coiled spring, said Cramer.

Deckers Outdoor (DECK): I want to do some homework on this stock before I opine, said Cramer.

Amazon (AMZN): I think it's a great stock long-term, said Cramer but I want to know more about the drop in net income that the company just reported .

Nordic American Tanker (NAT): The dividend is ok, said Cramer, but I'm not sure an oil tanker is the way to play energy because I believe our continent is on its way to becoming energy self-sufficent.

Smith & Wesson (SWHC): I don't care much for this stock, said Cramer.

Chipotle (CMG): It's a red hot stock, said Cramer. If I could get it at $340, I'd pull the trigger.

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