Trash Talk from Jim Cramer, Really

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Jim Cramer is committed to finding opportunities even if that means talking trash.

In fact he's delighted to do it.

That's because the trash he's talking is the business dynamics of Waste Management, one of the nation's largest disposal services companies.

First and foremost Cramer is impressed with the metrics.

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Although first quarter net income slipped, Cramer still liked the numbers Waste Management released earlier this week. "It was a solid quarter with in-line numbers, and strong underlying trends," Cramer said.

Also, the company stood by its full year forecast of a profit of $2.15 to $2.20 per share. "And don't forget It pays a bountiful 3.8% yield," Cramer said.

However one of the aspects of Waste Management that Cramer truly finds impressive is the company's commitment to renewable resources.

Not only does the company collect and recycle all kinds of items,"the company operates 22 waste-to-energy plants, where they use trash to create renewable power," Cramer explained.

Waste Management does that by extracting something called BTU content out of waste. "We take waste and we produce enough electricity to power about 1.2 million homes," explained David Steiner, the President CEO of Waste Management on Mad Money.

Plus, Waste Management has been switching their garbage trucks to run on natural gas," Cramer added. And the company even works to transform landfills into parks and green spaces.

"In my view, it's one of the greenest stocks around," Cramer said.

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Year to date shares are already about 20% higher, but Cramer thinks this looks like a case of buy high and sell higher.

In other words the catalysts outlined above should generate further gains. "I realize this stock has been working its way higher since the beginning of the year, but I think its move could be far from over," he said.

Disclosure: On April 25, 2013 Jim Cramer owned shares of Waste Management on behalf of his charitable trust.

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