Top Stock Picker’s Favorite Names

Robert Zagunis, named one of Moringstar's "Ultimate Stock-Pickers," on Monday shared three of his favorite companies.

"What we look for are companies that can sustain that competitive advantage and have that extraordinary cash flow that can reinvest, make acquisitions – do all the things that basically allow management of a company to do short-term and long-term decisions and not be financially stressed in the meantime," he said.

On "Fast Money," Zagunis named United Technologies, Microsoft and Abbott his top three stocks.

Zagunis of Jensen Investment added that there were 29 companies in its portfolio.

"We think the future's bright for these," he said.

Zagunis also downplayed the importance of the employment report due on Friday.

"Employment is really more of a macro problem, social problem, political problem," he said. "It isn't particularly a fundamental business problem."