'Worse Than Normal Correction’ Ahead?

Chart patterns suggest a big stock market selloff could be around the corner, technician Carter Worth of Oppenheimer Asset Management said Tuesday.

The trend makes the "sell in May and go away" adage worth considering, he added.

"What's interesting is, obviously, seasonally, that's quite good over time, about 100 years' worth, but also last four years, specifically," Worth said. "But this May is in many ways worse in terms of bifurcation than we've had at any point since the March '09 lows."

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On CNBC's "Fast Money," the chief market technician said that a bifurcation situation was emerging.

"When people are really crowding into one area and abandoning another, you get to these spreads where at some point it's not sustainable," he said. "But it's the circumstance, the mindset that gets you there, that is the reason it ends badly."

Worth's analysis juxtaposed health care and staples, which were rising, against the declining energy and materials sectors, showing that "both extremes are getting more expensive."

Worth added that the pattern could be foreshadowing a selloff.

"Well, maybe it'll be worse than just a normal correction. The last time we had classic bifurcation, it was all reversed," he said.

In 2007, Worth explained, energy and materials were up while consumer staples and financials were on the decline. "But bifurcation typically ends with the strong ones succumbing and the weak ones staying weak."

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