Twitter Says Mothers Deserve More Than a Tweet #CallMom

A still from a Twitter PSA encouraging you to get off the internet and call your mom this Mother's Day.
Source: Twitter
A still from a Twitter PSA encouraging you to get off the internet and call your mom this Mother's Day.

You weren't seriously going to tweet your mother for Mother's Day, were you? Not even Twitter wants you to do that. "No, seriously. Call your mom."

Put. Down. The. Twitter.

A very funny "public service announcement" video on Twitter's blog expresses outrage at a guy on a couch who's sending his mom a Mother's Day message in 140 characters. He's typing, "Hey mom, happy mom's day, LOL!!! Miss you," when the narrator shouts, "No, stop! What the (expletive deleted) are you doing? Give your mom a call!"

Then, in what may be one of the boldest admissions of the modern era, the Twitter video adds, "You don't need the Internet for everything."

Twitter creator Jack Dorsey admits that the first thing he does every day is tweet his mom, Marcia. Nick Bilton, tech writer for the New York Times, admits that he and his mother generally communicate now via Twitter.

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There is nothing wrong with this the other 364 days a year. As a mother, I've learned that if I want to talk to my kids, I go where they are. I text my children, because they won't listen to voicemails. The funny thing is, I don't want to listen to voicemails anymore either.

In fact, I'm starting to hate talking on the phone. It takes too long, with all the "Hey, how are you?" eating up time at the beginning of a conversation, followed by the long drawn out goodbye—"OK, well, anything else going on?" (Why do I ever ask this? This adds two minutes to the conversation). Texting is uni-directional and fast. You can cut out a lot of the insincere niceties. Tweets make it easier to cut out those niceties because there are only 140 characters.

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But this is Mother's Day. This day requires a moment, no, 10 minutes, of "sacrifice" to let your mother know you care about her so much you're willing to speak to her. I don't think even Jack Dorsey or Nick Bilton are just going to tweet mom on Sunday. As Twitter writes on the blog, "Even as much as moms love Twitter, we know that mom loves you the most."

—By CNBC's Jane Wells; Follow her on Twitter: @janewells