Cramer: How to Invest Like the Ridiculously Rich

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"Good fortune struck twice this weekend," said Cramer, "there's the mysterious winner of the $590 million dollar Powerball and David Karp who will pocket hundreds of millions for the sale of Tumblr to Yahoo!"

With these two individuals immediately coming into substantially more money than they had last week at this time – at least so we think – it seemed like an appropriate time to examine how to invest like the ridiculously rich.

Like F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, the rich aren't like the rest of us.

As investors, they don't need to take risk to make money, they only need to preserve their wealth. And Jim Cramer thinks the greatest risk to wealth preservation right now is the easy money initiatives underway all around the world.

"If you're rich you have to worry about inflation eating into your wealth," said the Mad Money host. Therefore Cramer recommends the following: high end real estate & paintings. "Both of these investments have held their value in times of hyperinflation," Cramer explained. "I'm talking works of art and property ranging from beach front property and raw land to farm land and more."

Cramer said these assets were able to retain value in the aftermath of the Weimer Republic, and if they could do that, they should be able to withstand what's happening now.

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In addition, Cramer thinks the super rich should hold gold, preferable gold bars. The Mad Money host believes historically gold has been the best hedge against inflation and he sees no reason for that to change. Throughout the ages, "Gold has maintained value in times of real turbulence and social upheaval," he said. And the current sell-off in the precious metal doesn't concern him one bit.

In a different environment, Cramer would also recommend bonds – a wide array of them. "But these are not normal times," he said. I wouldn't look at any fixed income investment right now. None. Rates for all medium to longer term- fixed income instruments on every part of the spectrum are so low, I consider them dangerous. Going into fixed income for the long-term would be huge mistakes right here. Huge."

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Instead, the Mad Money host believes that the rich have to accept a limited amount of risk in stocks. Cramer advocates higher yielding stocks.

"I would buy higher yielding master limited partnerships and higher yielding real estate investment trusts and some of the better stocks of companies that are serial raisers of dividends," he said.

"I'd recommend Kinder Morgan Energy Partners and Enterprise Product Partners yielding 5.90% and 4.3% respectively. These generate income with toll road like consistency, because that's basically what they are, toll takers for America's explosion in oil and gas." And Cramer said, he also recommends Williams Equity Partners, a company that owns natural gas gathering assets. "It's a truly growth business," he said.

Also, "I'd look at a company like Healthcare Trust of America, which yields 4.43%," Cramer added. And Cramer also suggested Johnson & Johnson and General Mills, "both are fabulous companies, he said.

All told, if you're ridiculously rich Cramer recommends owning art and real estate, gold, dividend-yielding stocks and avoiding bonds. "The rich need safety and right now the safety is in higher-yielding stocks not lower yielding bonds," he said.

And if you're not rich, with Cramer's ideas outlined above, you can still invest as if you were.

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