Phil Falcone's Helicopter Heads to Hamptons

Phil Falcone.
Amanda Gordon | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Phil Falcone.

Memorial Day is almost upon us. Traffic at East Hampton airport is already picking up, as Julia La Roche of Business Insider notes.

La Roche points out that there are a good amount of flights departing from the Westchester and Danbury airports—which are the airports closest to hedgefundistan. Flying from Danbury to East Hampton is a somewhat ridiculous and completely decadent thing to do. It shaves a few hours off the commute but the real reason people do it is, well, because they can.

One of the incoming flights we noticed today is a helicopter that belongs, in part, to former hedge fund titan Philip Falcone. It's not a Harbinger Capital asset, by the way. Falcone personally is listed as one of the owners. (Here's a primer on how we track planes, for those of you who are new to this.)

We can't say for sure that Falcone has already headed out to the Hamptons. There are nine other fractional owners of the plane. And it's anyone's guess who is actually on board.

But with Falcone on a two-year time out from finance—thanks to a settlement with the SEC—I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to start his weekend early.

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