'Cord Cutting' Is Not a Threat, Says Viacom CEO

Consumers are keeping their cable TV subscriptions despite emerging online alternatives, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman told CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Tuesday.

"If you look at all the technological advances and all the great content that exists today and the ability of people to watch that content on multiple screens, there's never been a better time for television," the Viacom executive said.

He said that consumers want more content that they can watch on multiple devices whenever they want. "We're already doing some of that," Dauman said. "We need to do more."

He pointed to mobile as one area of opportunity. "You're going to see great video content on smaller devices," he said.

And while there have been concerns about how content providers are able to monetize the shows and videos they put on mobile devices, Dauman said, "As measurement improves monetization will follow."

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Dauman also defended the cable bundle, calling it great for consumers. "It's created more and more channels and much more rich content," he said, helping to usher in what he called the "the golden age of television" that we're living through today.

And despite the threats of cord cutting and questions about the value of the cable bundle, Dauman told CNBC "even during the depths of the recession, cable TV subscribers remained stable."

—By CNBC's Justin Menza.