Cramer: Watch Out, Bears Looking to Mow Down Bulls!

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Cramer expects the bears to make a run at the market, guns blazing.

"They will probably use S&P futures as their weapon of choice, hoping to mow down all buyers," Cramer said. "They just have so much more to lose. They can't afford to have this market stay higher. The quarter's almost over. They are under-invested. They haven't made the money they should have."

And he thinks the assault comes Wednesday, in and around the Fed decision.

But that doesn't mean you should run for the hills – not by a long shot. After the onslaught, Cramer sees big opportunities. That is, Cramer expects bulls to step into the market, however he also believes the buying will be very strategic. And he wants you to be ready to make a move.

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First, how will you know when the selling has abated?

Cramer said he'll be watching for high growth stocks to bounce. "The classic tell, the most important stock that will tell you when the bombing is over is Starbucks," Cramer said. "If you are a bull and you think that the market can come back after the bombing, then SBUX would be the first thing you would take."

After that, Cramer is looking for very specific stocks to attract new money with Google leading the charge. "Here's a stock that everyone who has a $1000 price target is going to come out and reiterate as a buy after the Fed meeting. It's a natural place for bulls to go."

Next, Cramer thinks Boeing rallies. "Their order book is so big here that no bear raid is going to stop this stock from jumping right out of the fallout shelter and getting right back to that high list," he said.

And as Boeing bounces, Cramer thinks other industrial giants including United Technologies, Precision Castparts, Honeywell and General Electric will also start to rally again.

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Then, the Mad Money host expects Amazon to attract buyers. "This darned stock has withstood pretty much everything that's been thrown at it," he said.

After that Cramer is looking for Visa, Master Card and American Express to all come back to life. "These stocks are momentum plays that have defied gravity all year. Big mutual fund money loves hiding in these stocks."

Finally Cramer will be watching VF Corp. "This is a company that just gave a fantastic presentation last week saying it is all systems go. That's what the bulls need, a company that spoke recently and spoke positively."

What's the bottom line?

"The bears need the market down Wednesday more than the bulls need it to be higher. So be mindful of the bombing raid. Head to the shelters. But when the all-clear is sounded I'd come right back out and buy the winners," Cramer said.

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