Cramer: Bet on US Prosperity With These Stocks

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If you really dig down into the recent stock market sell-off, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Investors went running for the exits, spooked by higher interest rates, but, historically, higher rates are a sign of economic improvement.

In other words, the chief catalyst behind the sell-off, is really net bullish - at least over the long term.

And Cramer thinks the latest economic data confirms what the higher rates foretold; that the American economy is getting ready to roar.

"Today we got a raft of positive macro economic data; better than expected durable goods orders, higher home prices and improved consumer confidence; it hit a 5-year high," Cramer said.

Therefore, Cramer thinks now is the perfect time for the "Invest in America" series, in which Mad Money focuses on the stocks of great American companies that can do extremely well in an environment where the economy is improving.

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Of all the catalysts that could drive future prosperity, Cramer believes few are more powerful than the renaissance underway in domestic energy.

Speculation suggests new found deposits are so substantial, North America could become energy independent by 2020. And Cramer thinks the time to build positions in companies poised to benefit from the energy explosion is now.

"Earlier in the week, I told you about some of my favorite oil plays, and here I want to tell you about natural gas," Cramer said.

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"The thing you need to remember about natural gas is that, unlike oil, it's not a global market. The only way to cheaply transport nat gas is via pipeline. If you want to ship it overseas, you first need to transform it into a more compact, liquid form, what's known as liquefied natural gas, or LNG, and that takes lots of expensive infrastructure which requires years to build," Cramer said.

And of all the energy companies that are attempting to leverage liquified natural gas, Cramer thinks nobody is doing it better than Cheniere Energy.

"Cheniere is in the process of building our country's first new liquefied natural gas export terminal in decades. The company's Sabine Pass terminal in Louisiana will be up and running in just a couple of years. Plus, the company's also waiting on government approval for a second export facility near Corpus Christi, Texas.

However, Cramer does not advocate owning Cheniere Energy outright.

"Instead I think the way to play is through the company's master limited partnership subsidiary, Cheniere Energy Partners, or CQP," Cramer said. "CQP is basically a toll-road collector for the Sabine Pass terminal. Generally speaking that means it should be less risky than its parent, which is more of a growth vehicle."

Also Cramer is a buyer of Cabot Oil & Gas, a North American exploration and production company primarily focused on the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania, however it's also involved with the the Eagle Ford shale in Texas.

"Cabot is among the most efficient operators in the group, with what is perhaps the best acreage in the entire Marcellus shale—200,000 acres in Susquehanna County where the company's low-cost gas wells are incredibly prolific," Cramer said.

Cramer also thinks natural gas as a fuel for surface vehicles is another investable idea.

"I think that play is Cummins," Cramer said. "They have a joint venture with Westport Innovations to design and make nat gas powered truck engines. This is not a major part of the business, but it's growing rapidly, especially since, back in April, Cummins began shipping new, larger engines that make longer runs on natural gas possible. Westport is a pure play on nat gas engines, but it's also a heck of a lot more speculative, which is why I prefer Cummins here."

If you're intrigued by the theme but would rather hold a tried and true blue chip, Cramer says look no further than GE.

"Not only does GE have a major business making natural gas turbines for power plants, but the company also has a growing oil and gas segment with lots of exposure to subsea drilling, unconventional fuels and liquefied natural gas," he said.

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