CNBC’s Top 10 Vines

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Six months ago this week, Twitter launched Vine, a video-sharing service now used by over 13 million users worldwide. Since then, CNBC reporters and producers have embraced the opportunity to share what goes on behind the scenes here at Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

Want to know what's happening at the New York Stock Exchange? Look no further than Carl Quintanilla's vines for six-second sneak peeks from Post 9.

And that's not all. Introducing, CNBC's Top 10 vines:

1. Carl Quintanilla, an early adopter, captured this epic clip of Yahoo's Marissa Mayer and Tumblr's David Karp at our NASDAQ studio. It's almost as if the duo are peering into the Internet for the first time.

2. Photo-bombing is the latest craze, but have you ever heard of Vine-bombing? Seema Mody has you covered.

3. Jim Cramer likes lemurs. Don't take our word for it, take Jim's.

4. This Vine of a SCOTUSBlog intern bolting to deliver a paper opinion went viral last week. But who needs an intern when you have Amanda Drury?

5. Social Media Producer Eli Langer checks in with "Senior Snapchat Correspondent" John Carney on the state of tech and reporting.

6. Luke Leifeste, CNBC intern, becomes a trader for a day, or at least for six seconds on Vine.

7. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is famous for his Vine-selfies. Quintanilla attemps to mimic Dorsey's art.

8. Who knew senior economics reporter Steve Liesman was a rock star?

9. Say "hi," Art Cashin!

10. And, finally, keeping people moving in the CNBC newsroom.

Vine now has competition from Instagram, which launched its own video feature last week. And, yes, you can follow CNBC on Instagram for our latest videos. To follow us on Vine, download the app and search CNBC. Our official username is @CNBC.