Welcome to the new CNBC.com

Source: CNBC

Hello Folks,

I'm excited to share our redesigned home page with you. Driven by your feedback, we've come up with a new, clean look that we hope makes CNBC.com easier for you to use and read.

We've swept away the clutter to offer a more clearly defined hierarchy—using a nice big font—to highlight the news as it happens and serve you with a constantly updating stream of breaking news, analysis and in-depth reports. Stories and data are simple to find, as well as all your favorite CNBC anchors and reporters.

Visual storytelling is such an important part of what we do, and the rich visual presentation offered by this new layout brings it front and center. You'll also see that we're rolling out live streaming TV. Simply click the "Watch Live" tab in the navigation bar and log on via your cable account.

Be assured that all your favorite features are still here, including the quality of news coverage and analysis you expect from CNBC. Our real-time data module provides reports from all the major markets, including global stocks, oil, gold, bonds and currencies. You can click through the tabs to find the data you need, or wait for the carousel to rotate through each market report. Quotes and keyword searches are available at the top of the page in the header. We've put a spotlight on CNBC's in-depth reports in the "Don't Miss" section. And you can find stories clustered around the topics you care about, including investing and stocks, technology and the economy, by scrolling down the page.

A top priority of the redesign has been to allow you to customize CNBC Digital to best suit your needs and browsing habits. Want just the headlines? Click on "Quick View" above the main image to strip away the photos. Want to see what stories everyone else is reading or viewing? Click on "most popular" or on "trending" for what's hot now. Want to take a global view? Switch between our U.S. or International home pages by clicking on "Home" in the navigation bar.

Please know that a lot more is on the way. We're working on refining the navigation and redesigning the article pages. Effective digital design is an ever-evolving mission. As we work to incorporate the latest technologies and make our content easier to access and share across all platforms, we rely on you, our CNBC audience, to be partners in improving the site. Let me know what you think, and tell me what else you'd like to see. Love the new home page design? Share it with your friends and colleagues. Missing something? Email us at customercare@support.cnbc.com.

Along with my CNBC Digital colleagues, I look forward to hearing from you and to providing you with the quality news coverage and analysis you want.

Xana Antunes, Executive Editor