Kx Systems has been an innovator in high-performance software for 20 years. The company's unified approach to real-time and historical data analysis through its high-performance kdb database platform has been widely embraced on Wall Street for powerful, time-series Big Data applications.

Kx customers range from top investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to hedge funds like GSA Capital Partners and non-financial clients such as Total Gas and Power UK and the United States Army—all of which institutions are looking to quickly analyze and act on mountains of real-time and historical data.

Because speed is so important to these applications, Kx technologies are built and optimized for the highest performance available in the industry. Recent independent tests by the Securities Technology Analysis Center, or STAC, found that kdb surpassed the benchmark performance for all other commercially available tick database software, with results up to eight times faster than any previous benchmark.

Based in Palo Alto, California, Kx has offices in New York, Switzerland, Germany, and Hong Kong, and partnerships with financial consultancies around the world. Representatives from Kx are onsite to answer questions. For further information please contact info@kx.com.