MasterTweet Theatre: Twitter rants gone wild

For the first time Nielsen, the media research company, is saying measuring the conversationand engagement on Twitter about a TV show can help programmers, marketers and advertisers make money off of that internet chatter.

Twitter has long claimed engagement and conversations on the social media about TV content drives ratings. Now the company says advertisers can boost ad rates – even if a show's ratings aren't particularly high, because in this new world, the TV networks can make money off of the conversations around their shows that occur on Twitter.

In other words it's about the buzz and not just the numbers.

Twitter has become the place for buzz: revolutions, elections, royal births and celebrity meltdowns – especially celebrity meltdowns.

The number of people who have had meltdowns on Twitter is long and getting longer and no one could be happier about that than the Puppets who bring some really bizarre tweets to life in this, "MasterTweet Theatre."