About 2 weeks 'til taper, says Terranova

How long until Fed tapering gets real? According to Fast Money trader Joe Terranova it happens on September 18th.

That's the second day of thenext FOMC meeting when the Fed releases its statement and Terranova, chief market strategist for Virtus, fully expects to hear that the Fed will begin to reduce ongoing asset purchases.

"I think they have no choice," Terranova told us after Thursday's Halftime broadcast. "Europe is healing, China is improving. The Fed said they're targeting 6.5% unemployment and we're moving in that direction. They've got to start landing the plane."

Terranova doesn't believe it's even a matter for discussion anymore. "The only question that remains is, how much," said the top trader.

Of course, 'how much' is the proverbial $64,000 question. For professional traders like Terranova, that's the issue that either makes or breaks a trade.

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"As far as I can tell $10 - $15 billion is already priced in." In other words, Terranova thinks the current level of the S&P reflects the impact of a reduction in bond purchases of $10-$15 billion.

Therefore, if the Federal Reserve does announce tapering and it falls within those parameters, we assume Terranova views a resulting sell-off as a buying opportunity.

And Terranova told us he thinks a sell-off is more likely than not.

"On the news I suspect the knee-jerk reaction will be to sell now and ask questions later," Terranova said, however, when the dust settles that pullback may be viewed as a strategic buying opportunity, that is if you can stomach the volatility.

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