Feeling The Pain: ‘Wii Ache’

When you think sports injuries, you probably see tennis elbows, torn rotator cuffs – or the hideous spectacle of Joe Theismann’s mangled leg.

Now, beware of Wii-ache.

Playing with the newest video game console from Nintendo may not shatter a Washington Redskins quarterback’s tibia and fibula, but CNBC’s own Becky Quick spoke to a Minneapolis gaming junkie who paid a physical price for his passion.

Über-player Jeremy Scherer told CNBC that the manic activity involved in playing the suite of Wii Sports games – flailing arms and legs, flipping a photonic “paddle” to effect on-screen actions like a tennis volley – left him and his spouse feeling torn.

At first, “We were excited about being able to get up, move around,” Scherer mused ruefully. But after three hours of fun, “we were pretty sore” the next morning, particularly through the back and arms.

Should shareholders fear liability for Nintendo? Probably not: The master gamer points out that “The warnings are there: to take a break; to be careful of your surroundings.”

And no worries torte reform advocates, the consumer electronics firm can breath a collective sigh of relief, as Scherer declares, “I take full responsibility for the soreness.”

He points out that Wii Sports is not unique in its aerobic stress; other hyperactive games he’s played – and survived -- include Dance, Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, published by Konami and Activision , respectively.

So, as with all diversions – out in the fresh air or the cozy confines of the living room -- the message seems to be: Play with moderation.