The REIT Stuff: Prologis CEO Explains China Play


REITs have been on a tear. Although glamorous properties are attracting attention from private equity, warehouse properties have been the standouts for investors. The world's largest industrial REIT is Prologis and today--the company announced an expansion of 3.3 million square feet of warehouse space in China, where it is already something of a trailblazer in the sector.

CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera learned more about what's behind the warehouse REIT's China play from company CEO Jeff Schwartz.

On a percentage basis, Schwartz says his firm's growth is greatest in China. Today's expansion deal is in the the 7th largest port in China (to give you an idea of how big that is it's just slightly larger than New York and New Jersey combined)

Michelle Caruso Cabrera asked if China's initiative to slow growth down to 8% (from 10%) was worrisome. Schwartz replied that it makes home feel more confident, because it demonstrates that China is trying to relieve some of the stress of growing very quickly.

Turning attention to the U.S. Schwartz said his company is continuing to see strong demand throughout all the major markets. Although Prologis is cognizant of slowdown concerns and is preparing should it occur. Right now demand is very strong.

Prologis sees good growth throughout most of the sectors including transports, and retail - everything outside of the home building sector which he says is not very good. But, Schwartz adds, even that's creating opportunities because Prologis can acquire some sites that would have otherwise been residential.