Bad News Bears for CD Sales

"Year-End CD Sales Collapse -- Ominous Sign Heading Into 2007" reads the headline on Pali Research's music industry report. Year-end digital track sales were disappointing, but the sale of old-fashioned CD's was ever more depressing -- CD album unit sales during the last week of 2006 were 12.87 million, down 20% from 2005.

Sure, the final week of 2005 was particularly strong -- the second best week of the year -- but it's still a sense of where things are going. It's particularly bad because pricing has gone down as well ... So, if you're buying lots of albums, you're alone...

Bullish Real Estate in NorCal

Google , Apple , and Yahoo , are responsible for some happy real estate brokers. Thanks to property purchased by the big three, commercial real estate FINALLY turned a corner in 2006.

Google is buying $319 million of Mountain View property, Apple has plans to bite up 50 acres with $160 million, and Yahoo is quietly buying $50 million worth of land ... So, all the tech jobs aren't moving from California to India -- the big three have faith in NorCal.

The real estate market hasn't popped, a four building complex in San Jose sold twice in a year, first for $19 million and then for $27 million -- not bad work if you can get it...

Can news be stolen? This blogger thinks so. is attacking Variety for stealing his story that Zyzzyx Road, a thriller starring Grey's Anatomy babe star, Katherine Heigl, played in one theater and made 30 bucks ... And lo, Variety picked up the story today, calling Zyzzyx Road's take the lowest all-time box office. (Not as low as all those films that don't get distribution) ... and see -- I gave credit!

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