Burger King Tests Healthier Oils

Fast-food chain Burger King Holdings said it started testing in its restaurants several trans-fat free cooking oils and plans to roll one out nationwide in late 2008.

Burger King said it has been working for two years to identify a trans-fat free oil, beginning with consumer testing and moving to in-restaurant testing.

Burger King added it will meet New York City's trans-fat free requirements, which go into effect in July, before it rolls out the oil nationally.

The news follow fast-food chain McDonald's announcement on Monday that it has selected a new trans-fat free oil for cooking, although it did not say when the oil would begin to be used in restaurants.

Coffee chain Starbucks recently announced it was halfway through a plan to purge trans fats from its U.S. food menu and Wendy's International and Yum Brands' KFC and Taco Bell chains have already begun using cooking oil free of artery-clogging trans fats.

Other cities, such as Los Angeles, are also considering a ban on trans fats.