If you had a million dollars to invest in just one stock, what would it be and why?


“Bed Bath & Beyond. Retail is always going to be moving up and BBBY is going to make a strong move this year.” Adam L., California

“I would invest in ADM because it is poised to gain the most from the Ethanol craze.” -- Jay. P., Texas

“Goldcorp. I think we’re headed for some turbulent times in the stock market and our economy. If the dollar and our economy collapse, gold may prove to be the best investment going forward.” -- Phil B. Buffalo

“Chyron. The company is near completion of an impressive 3 year restructuring and turnaround financially. I would fully expect this million to triple in the next two years, with very limited risk of loosing value. -- Jeff S., South Carolina

“Wm. Wrigley Jr. The company is the global market share leader in chewing gum, and a pure global growth play, expanding rapidly in China, Europe, and several other emerging markets…. In addition, the CEO, William Perez, has been buying shares recently.” -- Mary R., Virginia

“BP. The company is taking the lead in the search for alternative fuels and if they play their cards right and methodically move away from the fossil fuel mentality, BP will be the one to set an example for the other fuel producers of the world.” -- Shaw W. - California

“Sun Microsystems: I think Jonathan Schwartz will do for Sun what Jobs did for Apple.” -- Tom D. South Carolina

“As long as Steve Jobs continues to lead this company, and Microsoft continues to wallow in it's own blubber, Apple will be wildly successful. The move to Intel chips was a brilliant, gutsy decision and is just starting to pay off. The iPhone is going to start a revolution in the handheld market. -- Fred M.

“Cisco. Because if I would trust one CEO with a million dollars, it would be John Chambers. -Sonia M., Texas

“Genentech -- the next frontier, so to speak. At the forefront of what will be decades of innovation. Unlocking the secrets of life itself will be the growth sector of the near future.” -- Guy G., Los Angeles

“I would choose AT&T because over the long term this “Ma Bell” throw off has consistently grown. Additionally, with a 3.9% yield on dividends I feel this company will continue to grow.” -- Robert W., Tennessee

“Monsanto. The reason being, it will continue to grow over the years due to the bio-genetics seed business that will help the corn grow faster and help with the fuel crisis that this country will be in over the next 20 years.” -- Gaston B., Louisiana

"Target. The company has style for a discounter, making it a more attractive stock than Wal-Mart … and I think the retail sector will blossom this year." -- Jesse J., Massachusetts

"Goldman Sachs. Why? Because they are the middlemen in money making." -- Stephanie M., New Jersey

"Berkshire Hathaway. I would sleep like a baby." -- William C., Virginia

"Toyota. They are poised to be the car builders for the world. -- Bill P., Maine

"Pacific Ethanol. I think it should do well without the import tax. It should have good profit margins for a period of time until corn prices cut into that margin causing ethanol to rise in price to slightly under gasoline. Secondly with refinery problems for gasoline, there should be a good market for the product and summer driving season is approaching as well." Beth C.

"Exxon Mobil. A thirty-five year chart shows about a consistent 12% gain. With reinvested dividends this translates into doubling your money about every 7-8 years." -- Richard B., Connecticut

"Sears Holdings. I don't think its topped out yet." Lance L., Florida

“Proctor & Gamble because of the six billion people on the planet over two billion come in contact with P&G products each day. No other company I know of can make that claim.” -- Joseph E., South Carolina

“Morgan Stanley. The need for financial planning and education due this country is daunting. Baby boomers will most likely outlive their financial resources and the demand on Generation X to support themselves, their older parents, and possibly their children/future children is frightening.” -- Erick B., Iowa

“If I had a million dollars to invest in one stock, it would be a stock with a high annual return rate of at least 20%. I would invest in Altria.” -- Julius S., Washington D.C.

“I would invest in General Electric. That company is so strong and I just feel its a win-win company, with all the diversity it has there is no way you could go wrong.” -- Bradley C., Pennsylvania

I would pick VeriFone Holdings because it is diverse and a winner.” -- Susan M., Missouri

“Starbucks. Because it has a huge potential in China …. -- Mahmood A., Texas