Johnny Bench Joins Trading With The Stars

Hall of Famer Johnny Bench joined the line-up of celebrities taking part in the "Trading With the Stars" portion of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. Bench appeared today on "Squawk Box"--the show he's trading for.

Remember--each show will have a celeb ("Morning Call" and "Closing Bell" have two each) trading for bragging rights and a good cause. The best performing portfolio using CNBC "bucks" at the end of nine weeks wins a very real $50,000 for his or her favorite charity. Each of our participating celebrities will receive $5,000 towards their favorite charity --just for playing.

"Trading With The Stars" starts today and Bench gave us his insight on the stocks he's picking first. By the way, Bench says he's watched CNBC for years. He's not stranger to investing.

His picks: Oneok--a partnership that owns an interstate pipeline system that transports natural gas primarily in the upper Midwest and Mid Continent regions of the United States. It's also based in Bench's home state of Oklahoma. He also likes Intel , Chevron and Bruker BioSciences . He also says he's going to look at financials and security stocks over the next nine weeks.

More importantly--Bench's charity is Wounded Warriors--an organization set up to help the families of wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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