Deborah Taft Still Leads--Number Two Changes Hands

Good morning all. Deborah Taft continues to hold the top position, but she is losing ground. And there's a new number two; Jason Kaplan. Jason gains 2nd place on his Worthington Industries trade forcing Chad Mazeika into 3rd place with only small gains on Mariner Energy and Sonus.

Deborah has the lead with a portfolio value of $2,573,876.30 down $11,850.00 from Wednesday's total of $2,585,726.30. Deborah lost on both trades made yesterday and has sold out of both positions at a loss and is currently all in cash. She lost $12,150.00 on Elan Pharmaceuticals which was down 0.66% on the day. And she lost $2,700.00 on Arena Pharmaceuticals which was down 1.39% Thursday.

Jason Kaplan has moved into the #2 spot from third place with a total portfolio value of $2,382,543.28 up $142,564.63 from Wednesday's total of $2,239,978.65. Jason made his biggest gain today with Worthington Industries where he sold 115,343 shares for gain of $139,565.03 or 6.23%. Jason has gone all-in on 60,825 shares of Global Payments at $39.17 per share. Jason is banking on positive earnings when GPN reports today (Friday).

Name Portfolio Value
1. Deborah Taft $2,573,876.30
2. Jason Kaplan 2,382,543.28
3. Chad Mazeika, 2,287,317.77
4. Chris Humphrey 2,240,104.29
5. Ken Guillory 2,127,758.71
6. Maheswari Gupta 2,066,179.69
7. Garry McNamee 2,054,972.70
8. Kris Rene 2,050,440.00
9. Tung Li 2,027,022.43
10. Barry Dressler 2,020,587.02
11. James Meisner 2,018,214.69
12. Evan Scherer 2,005,854.11
13. Anthony Tu 1,959,815.59
14. Marty Daly 1,956,850.96
15. Jaime Gerth 1,946,901.69
16. Philip McKibbin 1,934,150.00
17. Joe Dondero 1,933,680.59
18. Harry Moy 1,931,146.76
19. Steven Paul 1,927,881.95
20. Parker Robinson 1,924,565.66

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