Analysts Speak on Today’s Market

See what analysts had to say today about the market on CNBC:

Realty Check: Beazer Ripple
Analysis of whether we've reached the tip of the housing iceberg, with Diana Olick, CNBC real estate reporter; Alex Barron, JMP Securities sr. housing analyst; Joseph Mason, Drexel University professor of finance and CNBC's Melissa Lee
3:32 PM [02:24]

Upgrades & Downgrades
The day's analyst calls, including education company DeVry getting a boost from Bank of America and Paychex getting a downgrade from RBC Capital Markets, with CNBC's Melissa Francis.
3:18 PM [00:31]

Corn in the USA
Farmers announce they intend to plant 90 million acres of corn this year, the largest amount since the 40s, with Scott Cohn, CNBC sr. correspondent; Daniel Basse, AgResource President; David Driscoll, Citigroup food manufacturing analyst and CNBC's Melissa Lee
2:02 PM [07:14]

Story: Ethanol Fuels Largest Corn Sowing Since 1944

Oil & Equities
What to expect from the markets next week, with John O'Donoghue, Cowen & Co. head of trading; Amanda Kurzendoerfer, Summit Energy commodity analyst and CNBC's Liz Claman
1:41 PM [03:58]

Market Winner: Goodyear Tire
Goodyear is up nearly 50% so far this year, and Saul Ludwig, KeyBanc Capital Markets tire analyst, shares his insight with CNBC's Mark Haines.
9:45 AM [02:28]

Detailed Quote:Goodyear Tire

Money, Markets & Oil
A look at what's moving the markets with Michael Woolfolk, Bank of New York sr. currency strategist; Phil Flynn, Alaron Trading sr. market analyst; and John Brady, Man Financial SVP
7:30 AM [05:39]

Story:Oil Update

Crop Report Preview
Traders are preparing to harvest key data from this mornings USDA crop report, and Eli Lustgarten, Longbow Research analyst, shares his insight with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla.
6:50 AM [03:23]

Story: Ethanol Fuels Largest Corn Sowing Since 1944

Final Day of Q1
Today marks the last day of the first quarter, and Kevin Caron, Ryan Beck market analyst, discusses what investors should expect in Q2 with CNBC's Carl Quintanilla.
6:00 AM [03:14]