Altria, ADP Stock Owners: Please Read For Portfolio

Hey folks. The following message is being sent in email form to the holders of Altria and ADP, as of last Friday. Please read if you own the stocks--or even if you don't. This is in regards to the spin-offs relating to both stocks and how it affects your portfolio.

Dear Contestant, As of Friday, 3/30/07, contestants who owned Altria (MO) which spun-off Kraft (KFT), and ADP (ADP) which spun-off Broadridge Financial (BR), both effective 4/2/07, have been given the cash equivalent for the Kraft and Broadridge shares. Therefore, their portfolio value is correct, but we provided them with the cash equivalent vs. the actual shares.

Owners of MO received the KFT cash equivalent of $21.909480 per each MO share owned as of Friday, 3/30/07.

Owners of ADP received the BR cash equivalent of $4.925 per each ADP share owned as of Friday, 3/30/07.

Thank you.

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