Taft "Holds" Lead: Number Two Changes Yet Again

Good morning all. Deborah Taft continues to hold first place, though her position becomes more tenuous each day. All the drama continues to center around the race for the #2 spot with Parker Robinson unseating Chad Mazeika once again who dropped to 5th place.

Deborah has remained all in cash since 3/21 with her gains based on bonus bucks only. Her total portfolio value is $2,585,876.30 with a $3,000 gain based on bonus bucks.

Only $32,406.51 separate Deborah and Parker Robinson, the closest anyone has been to Deborah--over $200K separated Deborah and Chad on Tuesday.

Parker regains the #2 spot with a total portfolio value of $2,553,469.79 after gaining $349,462.04 on the sale of Robbins & Myers and adding an additional $3,000 in bonus bucks. (He and Trading With The Stars' Willie Garson must have the same advisor, as Willie made his gains on RBN as well.) Parker is betting the farm on Immucor Inc . He is all-in on the blood testing equipment maker who reported strong earnings Wed after the bell.

Contest registrations to date: 543,433

Name Portfolio Value
1. Deborah Taft $2,585,876.30
2. Parker Robinson 2,553,469.79
3. Ken Guillory 2,535,867.13
4. Evan Scherer 2,423,832.13
5. Chad Mazeika 2,401,847.81
6. Chris Humphrey 2,273,596.91
7. Barry Dressler 2,204,065.02
8. Joe Dondero 2,158,905.96
9. James Kraber 2,142,060.92
10. James Meisner 2,090,729.75
11. Emmanuel Nogueira 2,076,209.15
12. James Kraber 2,065,277.76
13. George Lee 2,063,393.79
14. Maheshwari Gupta 2,047,348.79
15. Stacey Platte 2,044,441.00
16. Salvatore Colonna 2,043,340.43
17. Kris Rene 2,038,880.00
18. Charles Griffin 2,034,934.62
19. Donald Tang 2,033,228.08
20. Manuel Gliksberg 2,027,444.91

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