Street Fight - Herb Nails Eric On DISH


There's a tough guy in town and he's lookin' to mix it up. We're talking about Herb Greenberg, and he's got a wrong to right with each of our guys. Forget Ali vs. Frasier or even Rosie vs. The Donald - those were just skirmishes. What follows is a true “Street Fight

Herb Greenberg is a CNBC contributor and Senior Columnist for MarketWatch.

Round 1:

First Herb corners his long-time nemesis, “The Admiral,” Eric Bolling. “I’ll dance at your funeral,” spits Herb. Not really, but he does have a problem with one of Eric’s recent picks.

On March 26th Eric Bolling recommended investors buy Echostar (DISH). He said “Echostar just signed a deal with a Disney to handle their video library. This is a great company, look at the chart. It is just fantastic, they are nailing it on all cylinders.”

Herb calls DISH the best house in a bad neighborhood. He explains people who buy satellite dishes live in outlying areas – where there’s new housing. And what’s going on with new housing? Herb smirks.

Eric Bolling says Echostar is a great story. They have deals with Disney (DIS) and Google (GOOG) and content is king!

Dylan Ratigan says the history in satellite is too spotty – Round 1 goes to Herb. Eric faints! Well maybe he just wipes his brow.

Round 2:

Herb isn’t afraid of a girl-fight. Next he takes a slap at “The Chairwoman,” Karen Finnerman for her call on KB Homes and the housing sector. On March 22nd Karen Finerman said “- I think we may be seeing a bottom in the prices of the hombuidling stocks.”

Herb yells, bottom, bottom, bottom! You’ve been saying that for months Karen. Housing is not fast money!!!

Karen is too much of a lady to sling mud. She simply says she’s long Toll Brothers (TOL) and Centex (CTX) because she’s looked at 50 years of data and from the averages she believes that housing is close to a bottom.

Dylan Ratigan rules for the Chairwoman. After all, she did research.

Round 3:

You might recall that “The Negotiator,” Guy Adami and Herb tussled and tumbled a few weeks back over Nutrisystem (NTRI).

Ian from Colorado, an avid Fast Money viewer and an even bigger fan of Nutrisystem, was so incensed by Herb's comments, that he demanded the chance to go mano-e-mano with Herb.

Ian says NTRI is trading with an 18 multiple – what are you doing Herb?

Herb doesn’t care Ian is a guest – he’s vicious. This is not the growth story that people think, he cries. The company’s return rate (repeat customers) are not high!

Ian is ready. He says revenue from returning customers is anticipated to grow 130% this year and Lehman Bros calls that number conservative.

Dylan Ratigan declares Ian the winner! Ian is unscathed but Herb appears doubled over and crying. Don’t worry, the ambulance should be here, soon.


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