It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Bob in California stumped Cramer with Theravance last week. The stock has been rising rapidly, and Cramer didn’t want to give a blithe answer without knowing what was going on. But it looks like THRX is partnering with GlaxoSmithKline on once-a-day asthma and pulmonary obstruction pills. Cramer thinks this partnership is reason to be bullish on the stock, even despite the run THRX has already enjoyed.

Sears Holdings: There was an article in BusinessWeek this week about how Eddie Lampert is going to monetize Kraftsman and Diehard – “and these are big names,” Cramer says. "Sears was up a couple of bucks today, and I reiterate my buy for this."

Hudson City Bancorp: “I have been neutral on Hudson City Bancorp.” Cramer says it’s a well-run regional bank, but with the 10-year bond at 4.75% and short-term rates even higher, “that’s a nightmare for any regional bank.” Don’t buy.

Monsanto: Cramer says the bears and the analysts refuse to get behind this stock because they think it’s an overvalued chemical company. Not so – this is an agriculture play like Deere or Mosaic. Monsanto makes hybrid corn seeds, and right now that’s what the world needs, Cramer says. “Monsanto’s not done going up. I would be an aggressive buyer right here at $59.”

Force Protection: “I am torn on this.” Cramer says that Spartan Motors is a better play.

Veraz Network: “I didn’t do well on this one … This one I got behind. It is not working. That is worrisome to me.” Don’t buy.

XM Satellite Radio: “XM is very problematic.” Cramer says that the Securities and Exchange Commission and Congress have made a potential merger with Sirius too difficult. There'd be too much sacrifice to the upside in order to get this deal done. Sell!

Crystallex International : Cramer says this stock is a buy on weakness and a sell on strength because it has a key mine in Venezuela that could, at any point, be confiscated by President Hugo Chavez. Because the stock is up, Cramer recommends you sell, but he’s open to buying it back at $2 and change.

Virgin Media: “I want VMED to be bought here.” With other cable companies starting to move back up, Cramer would pull the trigger here.

Research in Motion: RIMM hit a 52-week high today, and almost no other tech has done that, Cramer says. “I think that’s a sign of strength.” He wouldn't back away from this stock, he'd buy. "RIMM goes higher."

Toyota Motor: TM has been hurt by weak sales of its Tundra truck and a strong yen. But Cramer says it’s a mistake that people are selling. He’s giving it a triple buy. He's still bullish on Toyota.

Hexcel: This stock is down more than 20% from its high, and Cramer says that’s a colossal mistake. "Hexcell’s a winner. I still think aerospace is in bull market."

Washington Group: Cramer likes the contruction group but says that “Foster Wheeler’s the way to play construction.”

CDW Corp.: “I’m concerned about this stock.” Cramer’s against buying any stock that supplies contract work for tech or the government.

SAIC: “I don’t want to be linked to government spending right now because I think it's not trustworthy.” Don't buy.