Guest Blogger Mishlove: My Picks For The Week

Hi folks. Here's guest blogger Jeff Mishlove with his contest stock picks for most of the week (he'll have Friday's later on as he says). Be sure you read through and remember as Jeff says, this is not a buy and hold strategy--for longer than one day. Here's Jeff:

As a contestant, myself, in the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, why would I possibly want to share information that has taken me hours to collect and assimilate? The truth is that I’m passionate about the financial markets. I’m happy to share what I have learned. And, like many other bloggers, I’ve discovered that I learn more myself through sharing with others.

Before I make my recommendations, let me answer a question posed by a viewer of the “How to Win” program where I recommended Lawson Software as a stock to buy last Wednesday, April 4. Ironically, the stock had a huge price jump on April 3, Tuesday. So, this viewer is asking what happened. Well, it turns out that plans changed. The earnings announcement that was originally scheduled for April 5 was postponed until April 9. That was the bad news. But, at the same time, the company suggested that its prospects down the road looked quite positive. This is a good lesson. Obviously, it indicates that every stock recommendation -- while meaningful at the time it is made – is subject to revision in he event of additional news.

Now here are my picks for the rest of the week:

To buy on Tuesday: Acergy, S.A. and Electro Scientific Industries . Both of these companies are expected to be making earnings announcements. ESIO, especially, has short squeeze potential. Nearly ten percent of the stock float is in the hands of short sellers.

To buy on Wednesday: There are quite a few eligible stocks scheduled to make earnings announcements. They include APOG, BBBY, CBK, RI, SAI, CACB, CBSH, PIR, PII, RAD, and FAST. Of these, the stock with the greatest short squeeze potential is Cascade Bancorp (CACB). That’s my favorite.

To buy on Thursday: At last count, four eligible stocks are scheduled to make earnings announcements: KKD, CAE, LRCX, CWG. Of these, Krispy Kreme Donuts (KKD) has the best potential for a short-squeeze. This stock has been declining for some time as people have become more conscious of the need to reduce carbohydrate intake in their diets. That’s why almost 28% of the outstanding shares are controlled by short-sellers. But, if KKD has managed to turn the situation around through their introduction of signature coffees and frozen drinks, we could see a big pop in this stock on Friday.

Later this week, I’ll post some recommendations for Friday. As information changes from day to day, by waiting now, there’s a possibility of greater accuracy in a few days.

Okay. You have my best available information. I’ve actually spent hours sifting through stock charts, earnings calendars, and financial statistics to develop these picks. So, maybe I’ve saved you a lot of work. Remember that my strategy is to buy and hold these stocks for one day only.

Jeffrey Mishlove is the creator of He is also a partner in TMI US, the U.S. licensee of the international consulting and training consortium, TMI.

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