Are jerks in the work place good or bad for business?


"Jerks act that way because they are poor managers. They do not define priorities or resources, and just randomly upset people. If the management review process was effective, these issues would be discovered and dealt with. Usually, however, upper management is not aware of how much money is lost from employee turnover and poor productivity due to putting up with the boss’s abusive tantrums." -- Terry P.

"They are great! Because bright people like me decide to go into business for themselves. In my case, I work the stocks and write books. This month, I'm working on revising my civil rights book. Thanks to the 'jerks' I've worked for, I'm now on my own and loving it." -- Susan K.

"I don't mind when someone tells me I could do better or that I screwed up. It is a challenge to me; and when it is not I think it must be time to move on or retire. I really like a person who speaks their mind. The problem is now that person is a jerk because they want the workplace, classroom, or life better than it is. So, really the underachiever or one who 'wants to just get by' doesn't understand this concept so they use an abusive word....jerk. People, and even adults need discipline, and to be put on the right track. If they don't measure up or cannot take suggestions, it is time to move on out the door. I am evaluated every year, by a jerk. Most of the comments I sit back and listen to and use it constructively. Change the things I can and work on the areas I can't. However, if a person is just being critical without comments for change; this is a waste of my and their time. Maybe it is a word game, but I call that rude and the administrator - or 'jerk' - really don't understand their job description." -- Steve F., Indiana

"Imus is a good example of a jerk in the work place and for that I think he should hand in his resignation. Because he is bad for your business and he will continue to be a problem." -- D White

"I think there are far too many 'jerks' out there which decreases productivity. If you recognize you are in the situation ... best thing is to get out and find something else." -Mark A.

"AHOLES are not acceptable anywhere…what makes the workplace an exception? Bullying people to get the job done is ignorant! These people obviously have major issues and hang-ups due to their own lack of character. They must feed off the quick fix they feel from the falsified power over someone else! We need more people to stand up to their behavior, but it's too shocking and leaves you speechless." -- Loren S., Virginia

"Being a jerk in the workplace is not good for business, just as being a jerk in any environment is not good, period." -- Al R.

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"Your typical workplace Jerk (based on past experience) is that person who has little or no knowledge of what it takes to complete the task at hand, but is very experienced at using terms and phrases such as: At the end of day; Win,Win situation...and is an expert at knowing everything about absolutely nothing. 'At the end of the day,' the jerks in the workplace should be stoned with Willy Wonka Nerds." -- Jon S., Illinois

"I haven't decided. My boss is the owner and a survivor, but a severe a-hole. The whole office loves the days he is gone and gets as much done - if not more - without him yelling and screaming and over dramatizing everything. However his stubborn meanness stops any discussion and keeps the company aligned. It could be better if he also didn't upset the customers. Good thing there are not too many competitors." -- Phil C., North Carolina

"There is no room in the work place for jerks - bad bosses. Usually an emergency causes upper management to be bad bosses. They will have department two or three levels down micro managed to get results. The task that they demand from their sales force is overwhelming as they micro-manage seasoned employees, demand instant results. The pressure they put on these departments is very stressful and does have a negative effect on their health. This always happens when sales are down. The smartest boss, realizes that the economy is down, and lack of sales is not caused by a lazy sales department it caused by a slower economy. If the bad bosses or as your call them 'jerks,' would only realize that when they treat their sales department like scum. (They actually called the sales department scum.) They may get some short term results, but in the long run they will lose, not only good people but lose period." -- Dale H.

"Jerks belong in a ZOO. Bad for business all around. If they don't know what they are doing, ship them to the back room, but do not waste time on trying to retrain them -- it's a waste of time. Send me the money that you would spend on training, I could use it to buy some stock." -- Joseph D.

"Let me start by saying that I define a 'jerk' as a manager or middle manager with an authoritarian management style. I find them necessary to maintain and optimize productivity. In the absence of the jerk, work doesn't get completed efficiently and discipline is not enforced. If there was no jerk, the bottom line would be a smaller bottom line. By the way, I'm a jerk." -- Dana M., Pennsylvania

"I work with the biggest jerk in the world who happens to also be my manager. He will survive here because big corporation HR departments such as mine tend not to listen to its workers and place blame instead on the worker who complains. It's bad for business because workers do not perform their best under these conditions and will most likely quit or linger at the job they hate and not perform to their best ability. By the way, I am currently looking for another job!" -- John H., New York