Update: Leaderboard, Most Actives, Trivia Bucks

Here's a re-cap of our most recent stats, with video courtesy of the "Power Lunch" crew. Remember, those bonus bucks really pay off, so make sure you try the answers. Contest registrations to date: 656,085

Name Portfolio Value
1. Parker Robinson $2,793,103.27
2. James Kraber 2,610,613.42
3. George Lee 2,603,769.77
4. Deborah Taft 2,596,576.30
5. Ken Guillory 2,511,976.80

Most actives as of the close on 4/9:
Crystallex International
Oilsands Quest
Lawson Software
Fremont General
Technical Olympic USA

Widely helds as of the close on 4/9:
CMGI with 3,898,557,286 shares held, down from Monday.
Revlon: 2,328,379,713 shares held, up from Monday.
Conexant: 1,852,844,260 shares held, up from Monday.
Sirius: 1,476,113,421 shares held, down from Monday.
Crystallex International: 1,424,016,039 shares held, up from Monday.
Vonage: 1,121,606,514 shares held replacing Fremont General in the list.

The video is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks: The Bank of Japan left interest rates unchanged today. What is the current rate?

And the news is worth $1,000 Bonus Bucks: Citigroup is purchasing hedge fund Old Lane Capital for how much?

Remember: go here, the home page for the contest and click on the bonus bucks link on the left hand side to find the answers and make your selections. Good luck!

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