Leaderboard: Top Two The Same-Taft Makes A Move

Good morning all. Parker Robinson and James Kraber remain in the top two positions, with James holding the 2nd and 4th positions, and remember Deborah Taft? She made a strong move back into third place. Parker's portfolio value stands at $2,796,103.27, up $3,000 from Monday on bonus bucks. Parker stepped back into the fray Tuesday purchasing 50,000 shares or $1,004,500 of Electro Scientific at $20.09, but the stock fell in extended hours on a 46% drop in third-quarter net. Parker is not all-in on the trade, but a poor showing Wednesday of ESIO could cut/cost Parker the lead.

James Kraber maintains the second position with a total portfolio value of $2,724,115.42, up $113,502 from Monday. James won on his gamble with Opnext , making $110,502 on this trade with a 4.23% gain on news that First Albany initiated coverage with a buy and a price target at $16.50. James is now all-in on L-1 Identity Solutions which closed at $17.68, a new 52-wk high. James' 4th place portfolio is currently all-in on Evergreen Solar .

As we said, Deborah Taft also became active again as she moved from 4th to 3rd with a portfolio value of $2,604,995.45 with a slightly different strategy. She has not gone all-in but has spread out her risk amongst 9 holdings:

Salix Pharma
Fremont General
CV Therapeutics
Arena Pharma
Acergy SA

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Name Portfolio Value
1. Parker Robinson $2,796,103.27
2. James Kraber 2,724,115.40
3. Deborah Taft 2,604,995.45
4. James Kraber 2,567,000.75
5. Ken Guillory 2,523,807.40
6. George Lee 2,461,502.93
7. Shi Nisman 2,442,579.76
8. Serge Amelyan 2,407,808.71
9. Brian Forse 2,378,294.41
10. Donald Tang 2,301,879.58
11. Chad Mazeika 2,297,251.64
12. Stace Platte 2,289,746.03
13. Joe Dondero 2,279,980.57
14. Emmanuel Nogueira 2,279,718.17
15. Barry Dressler 2,254,405.02
16. William Garrett 2,237,841.75
17. Zheng Ni 2,233,109.53
18. Chris Humphrey 2,210,111.50
19. Chishyan Chang 2,201,952.43
20. Jason Kaplan 2,181,417.61

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