Your Questions About Agriculture Plays, Sports Endorsements, and more...


Question #1:
Maureen from Delaware is looking for an investment that will hold up during a recession. In particular she’s looking at global infrastructure sector. She says she could go with the MacQuarie Global Infrastructure Fund but it seems to have little exposure to China and India. She prefer a stock with more exposure to China and India and wants to know if the guys have any ideas for her.

Tim is a little concerned about being able to find something that would stand up in a U.S. recession but would still lead China and India higher. CEMEX (CX) is a global infrastructure play that will probably do all right as long as there isn’t a full-blown global recession. If you want Asian exposure, Tim says, go with China Telecom (CHA) which will continue to see expansion and is more impervious to a U.S. economic slowdown.

Question #2:
Debbie from Indiana has a degree in agriculture. She says she’s very excited about the price of corn, and happy to see the growth in stocks like Potash (POT), Mosaic (MOS), Monsanto (MON), Landec Ag (LNDC) and so on. She wants to know if she should unload fertilizer stocks in June, and if so, what stocks she should go into that might really pop if we see some dry weather over the summer.

Don’t unload fertilizer stocks, Jon says. “They’re going higher.” Of all the stocks on your list, he sees Monsanto going much higher and he would make that a long-term hold. It isn’t too late to buy these stocks, either. “You buy Monsanto first, Mosaic second and Terra Industries (TRA) third.”

Question #3:
In a Celebrity Face2Face, former Chicago Bull and three-time NBA World Champion B.J. Armstrong wants to know what kind of impact a college star like Greg Oden or Kevin Durant could have on a stock like Nike. Is Nike too big for celebrity endorsements to make an impact on the stock?

Jeff, who is bullish on Nike (NKE), says the company can only overpay for athlete endorsements now with all the saturation in sponsorship deals. He isn’t saying saying Nike shouldn’t go after them, but it would be unlikely they have an impact on the stock. However, Under Armour (UA) is an company in the space that Jeff recently turned around on. He says he’s even heard of some athletes who like UA’s product so much, they are going out and buying the stock. If UA picked up a big endorser, that would have more of an impact on moving UA’s meter than any athlete could for a company like Nike.


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